Physical and mental rejuvenation

Variety wellness services with half board.

Waiting for all of our future guests!

Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 0.00 – 24.00

Payments methods: cash, credit & debit cards


You can find all from the unique recharging to the eastern healing massages within our repertoire.

Machine treatments

Infra and steam combined into an exceptional healing energy, which cleanses, detoxifies the body and fortifies the skins defense mechanisms.

Bio-salt sauna

Open From 15.00 Till 21.30
Temperature 45 Celsius
Camomille flower steamer

Salt cave

Open : 8.00-21.30

Salt -auna

Open : 15.00-21.30
Temperature : 70 Celsius

Finnish sauna

Open : 8.00-21.30
Temperature : 90 Celsius

Infra cabin

Open : 15.00-21.30
Temperature : 20-45 Celsius

Small jacuzzi

Open : 8.00-21.30
Operates : 8.00-14.00
Temperature: 30-34 Celsius

Large jacuzzi

Open : 8.00-21.30
Operates : 14.00-21.30 között
Temperature: 30-34 Celsius

Coveres eight-shape pool

Open : 8.00-21.30
Temperature: 24-28 Celsius

Open air swimming pool

During summer season an open air pool, waiting for guests with sun terrace and sunbeds.


The fitness of our hotel awaits all exercise lovers.