Spring break? Autumn? Makes no difference! Come and get all the adventure you need in your life!

Miskolctapolca waterpark

The most modern, uniquely beautiful and adventurous modern water park in Europe, located in Miskolctapolca, for the whole family, be it a child or a pensioner.

Cave bath

With europe's only natural cave bath single handedly the most gorgeous and experience full bath to offer all the adventures you may wish to get from pools.

Lillafüred forrest train

Hungary's only and single forest railroad with the most beautiful path throughout green or snow covered forest with open or heated wagons climbing up a steep hill, looking down into a beautiful valley.


Trough out the roller paths may it be declivous or steep from beginning to end they are unique in every way and you get to experience it with a off road scooter.


The real race experience in an unique environment, Hungary's most modern electric go kart course.


More than 120 species! It is most certain that everyone will find their favorite, most interesting animal. If you fancy the great brown bear be sure to find two of them in here! Their names are Forgó Dorka and Füles Borka.


Onto the wonders of the Bükk from Lillafüred Chairlift, from above you may get the most exclusive panorama, travelling to Jávorhegy in the direction of Bükkszentkereszt.

Sport programs and active relaxation

No matter if we are talking about a few dozen people or a thousand , the complexity of the DVTK adventure park is ideal for family entertainment as well as company team buildings.

Escape rooms

In the adventure caves, escape rooms the key to success and to the room as well lays behind solving all sort of exercises and puzzles and using team work as well.

Horseback riding

The Hejőmenti Lovaspark not only in experiences and a whole day long entertainment but also in size is unique.

Water sports

You get a chance to experience sliding on water and an even more extreme sport – wakeboarding – at the Hejő-tó Vízisport Centrum.



Memorial House


Pannon Sea Museum

Acting Museum

Whole lot of sights to see and experience to live through