Thermal Cave Bath

The Thermal Bath is one of the biggest prides of Miskolctapolca. The cave’s amazing beauty dazzles all of the visitors. Swimming inside the cave and follow the maze-like roads are wonderful feelings. It is a very nice experience so we should not miss it!
Info: http://www.barlangfurdo.hu/barlangfurdo/nyitva-tartas

Boating lake

One of the most beautiful spectacles of Miskolctapolca. Tha lake is nearly 11 000 square feet in size. We can offer this cheap, but more enjoyable entertainment possibility for families and also for twosome.

Rocky chapel

The rocky chapel is one of the sights of Miskolctapolca, where there is a roman catholic mass on Sundays. The cave has hollowed by human hands some centuries ago.

Bobsled track

In the vicinity of the Cave bath and the boating lake, the bobsled track on the hillside offers you a special experience.It is 800 meters long. This bobsled track is unique in the country. Visitors can barrel every day, also in the evening.
Info: http://www.mibob.hu

Castle of Diósgyőr

The castle is located in a beautiful naturel environment at the foot of Bükk mountain, 8 kilometres far away from the downtown of Miskolc. The castle is entitled to a prominent place between the monuments of Hungary. Today the castle provides possibility to organize cultural events, concerts and theatrical performances. In the „rondella”, the „casemate” and also in the towers, spectacular exhibitions wait for the visitors.
Info: http://www.diosgyorivar.com/content.php?cid=cont_4c583b45aec3c9.15986951

Miskolc Zoo

The Miskolc Zoo waits their visitors with many attractions, in a wonderful woodland environment. The zoo presents the creatures of the Bükk and the wildlife of the country in a natural ambience. Because of development the animals live increasingly closer to the nature. Predators, birds and also the representatives of the other parts of the world.
Info: http://www.miskolczoo.hu/contact

Adventure park

The adventura park is located a few kilometres far away from Miskolc, in the „heart” of Miskolctapolca, among the trees of the forest which cover around the boating lake. The biggest adventure park of our country was built due to the multi-million investment. Brave people can contest in three different levels of difficulty. We can offer this really exciting entertainment possibility, who love active rest and excitements and do not retreat from challenges.
Info: http://kalandturapark.hu/main.php

Herman Ottó Museum

This is the biggest museum of Miskolc, it has more than 600.000 arts. The museum collects mainly art objects, archaeological findings, artifacts and minerals, but it’s ethnographic collection is also significant.
Info: http://www.hermuz.hu/hom/index.php/hu

Lillafüred train

The line of this little train of Lillafüred is one of the most beautiful in Hungary. It is a real mountain track. The route of train runs through on steep hillsides, special viaducts and tunnels. Starting from urban environment, close to the castle of Diósgyőr we can reach many attractions with the trains:  in the Garadna-valley winding on the bank of Hámori-lake the Palace Hotel, the waterfalls, caves, ancient smelter of Újmassa and many starting point of hiking.
Info: http://www.laev.hu/

Lillafüred – caves

All of the caves - which are located not so far away from the Palace Hotel - has got a special feature.

  • The limestones of Anna – travertine cave has got floral patterns. Because of the formation it is a rarity in the world.
  • The István-cave is the biggest dripstone cave in this neighborhood. It’s sightseeings are: the great hall, the viewpoint and the theater hall. Some of it’s halls provide to cure respiratory disease.

Info: http://bnpi.hu/oldal/nyitvatartas-belepojegyek-137.html

Lillafüred – waterfalls

Today this is the biggest waterfall of Hungary with its 20 meter height. It’s an artificial waterfall which has developed when the Palace Hotel was built.

Trout farm

The trout farm is a few kilometres away from Lillafüred, which is one of the most famous in all of Hungary. Visitors can buy freshly grilled or smoked trout here.
Info: http://pisztrangtelep.hu/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=5&Itemid=6

The Wine Restaurant and Museum

The Wine Restaurant and Museum of Avas represents the traditional cellar life of the Avas region. If you wish to have a wine tasting our professional viticulturist shows you as many of the 80 different kinds of fine Hungarian wine from our cellar as you order. In our wine list several kinds of wine from the cellars of Tokaj, Eger, Sopron, Villány, Badacsony, Kunság and Nagyréde can be found.
Info: http://www.baztour.hu/vendeglatas/Miskolc/Avasi-Bormuzeum-es-Borvendeglo/172779/

Avas lookout and TV tower

The 72 meter high Avas lookout and TV-tower is one of the symbolic buildings of Miskolc. From the tower there is a little more than 180 degree panoramic view toward to the city. It can be visited freely!

Aggtelek – Baradla Cave

This is the most popular dripstone cave of World Heritage and the biggest cave of Central Europe. It can be visited only with guide. The tours usually start in every half hour as well as in every hour.
Info: http://www.anp.hu/articles/site/show/266/L%C3%A1togat%C3%A1si+rend


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