Panoramic view hotel room

Egy és kétagyas standard hotelszobák

Lift nélküli szárny

Our standard family room have their own balcony and view onto an immense forrest, a small lake, their panoramas is beyond compare. After remodelling these rooms, reengineered the AC and the Window structures replacing more than 40% of the original roofing with panoramic windows and blackout shutters. So you may enjoy the sun directly in the room or sleep in without a bother in pitch black. Naturally every rooms price include limitless wellness usage (8:00-21:45), saunas, steam bath, tepidariums, swimming pool, kiddy pool, sun terrace, salt cabin and jacuzzis. Our guests also get access to our restaurant (11:00-21:45) with the regions finest to offer from local wines selections and specialities. Our chef is determined to only create the best and see that everyone can grab something after their own heart. Just so after they may enjoy our self ground coffee beans and freshly brewed refreshing, hot drinks.

  • sarokkádas (és zuhanyzós) fürdőszoba
  • hajszárító
  • francia erkélyes
  • ingyenes WiFi használat
  • széf
  • minibár
  • színes TV
  • törölközőbekészítés
  • fürdőköpeny bekészítés
Elérhető szolgáltatások
  • reggeli
  • félpanzió
  • takarítás
  • mosoda
  • parkoló (ingyenes, fedett, VIP, elektromos autó töltő)


  • Adults: 2
  • Children: 1
  • View: Seaside
  • Size: 40m²
  • Bed Type: Double Private